My first post!

OK, here we go. Normally I’ll think very carefully when I’m writing anything but if I want to actually post anything up here I think I’ll have to get more used to just typing as it appears in my head. Otherwise I could be here for hours every time I try to post!

The idea behind starting this blog was mainly just to have a place to write shit and post cool links I’ve found, so to begin with I imagine a lot of the content will be Youtube vids and links to other blogs and stuff. I am involved with Blunted so may well post up reviews I do for that site here as well, depending entirely on when/how much music I get sent to review. Truth is I don’t get on well with the software over there so need remedial help doing the simplest thing. Hopefully I can manage over here, it’s going alright so far anyway. I think if I get into the habit of writing on here and getting more familiar with it all it might help me actually get some stuff done for them (don’t hold me to that if you’re reading this Gabs!).

I don’t plan to post up downloads to retail versions of full LPs or anything, which probably means a lot of people won’t bother checking here! I will post up mixes with the permission of the DJ in question or if they are already available elsewhere on the net, links to artists I like and whatever else happens. We’ll see basically, it certainly won’t be 100% music related either.

Don’t really have a way to end this post so instead here’s a bonus vid of Killa Kela and Supernat. Many people will be blown away by the whole “freestyling about items from the crowd” thing. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m old and cynical or I’ve seen him do it several times but it doesn’t quite get me like that. Correcting himself is sick though, I’ll give you that…


~ by whosaidjazz on January 13, 2009.

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