Best 13 hip hop albums ever

Going back a good few years I regularly posted on the forum at Sure Shots (which now seems to be entirely populated by spambots) which was originally a hip hop mail order site based in Guernsey. There was a nice little community feel going on and actually met some really sound people through that place.

At one point we went through an elaborate process coordinated by myself and Rare Dave (who is now one of the head honchos over at DWG) to try and establish a list of the best hip hop albums ever. If I remember rightly we were originally going for ten, which became a dozen and we ended up including thirteen to make it a bakers dozen (or Cheryl Baker’s dozen and some would have it). It involved an initial nomination period in which anyone could nominate as many albums as they liked, and RD collated these into a master list. Everyone had to then choose their favourite thirteen from the list in order of preference. This info was collected by yours truly and in a very scientific fashion the winning list was created.

Here is the list that we came up with, is there anything you would change? Any that you think missed out? I think everyone would have their one or two they would swap but overall it’s pretty comprehensive. Check it:

1. Nas – Illmatic
2. Main Source – Breaking atoms
3. Diamond D – Stunts, blunts and hip hop
4. ATCQ – Low End Theory
5. Wu Tang – Enter the wu tang (36 chambers)
6. Ultramagnetic MCs – Critical Beatdown
7. Gangstarr – Step in the arena
8. Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride…
9. ATCQ – Midnight Marauders
10. MF Doom – Operation Doomsday
11. Public Enemy – Nation of millions
12. De La Soul – …is dead
13. Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth – Funky Technician

I had all the album covers lined up to include but I’m having trouble including images and keeping the layout the way I want it. I’ll work it out eventually but in the meantime here’s the plain text version for you.


~ by whosaidjazz on January 14, 2009.

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