Site Spotlight: The Rub

I was going to add this to the previous post which was on a top notch mix by some of these guys (go and check it, it’s just below this). I actually thought that this deserved a post of it’s own. This is all about The Rub, which is a night in Brooklyn run by DJ Ayres, DJ Eleven and Cosmo Baker. They put out consistently amazing mixes as well as DJing all over the place. I’ve yet to catch them in the flesh because last time some of them were in London I found out the day after they played. I hate it when that happens.

Their site is the best place to go to check what’s going on with them, but they are also on Brooklyn Radio where you can download and stream some of their mixes.

Some of my favourite mixes they’ve done are part of their “History of hip hop” series, one mix for each 1979-1999 inclusive. No matter what era you favour you know that there’s one of these that you’re going to love. I’m a big fan of the ’94 mix but ’88 is up their as well. All of these mixes (and others) have been archived on Crewcial here so please don’t sleep, and make sure you explore the other folders there.


~ by whosaidjazz on September 6, 2009.

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