Bobby Corridor Hip Hop Mix

Not much info on this but it’s a killer tracklisting. Go here to find the mix including a link to a free download, and see below for the tracklisting:

  • The Prophet L-Cee- Ace of S.P.A.D.E
  • MC Tee & Lord Tasheen- Talkin’ Loud
  • Hot Day Dante- Hot Day Is Burnin’
  • Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew- Keep Risin’ To The Top
  • Seeborn & Puma- They Call Me Puma
  • Latee- This Cut’s Got Flavor
  • Just Ice- Freedom Of Speech
  • Freddie B & The Mighty Mic Masters- Coolin’ On The Ave
  • The Rangers- I’m Hot
  • Boogie Boys- KMD Step Off
  • MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D- Knock ‘Em Out Sugar Ray
  • Kid Flash- Ain’t Nothin’ But A Party
  • King Dee & The Bishop- What’s Your Opinion?
  • Deuces Wild- Five Times The Rhymer
  • TDS Mob- Dope For The Folks
  • Stezo- To The Max (Remaxed)
  • Big Daddy Kane- Ain’t No Half Steppin’
  • Massive Attack- Any Love (Remix)
  • The Fed- Freestyle
  • Sindecut- Sindecut’s Kickin’ Yeah
  • The Scam- Scamgroove
  • Too Kool Posse- Give ‘Em A Sample
  • Kings Of Swing- Nod Your Head To This (Audio Two Remix)
  • Extra Curricular- Go With The Flow
  • B Boys- 2,3 Break
  • Twista- No Peace Sign (Kutmaster Kurt Remix)
  • MC Mello- Wize
  • Freestyle Fellowship- Hot Potato
  • Jungle Brothers- Good Ole Hype Shit
  • Ultramagnetic MCs- Feelin’ It
  • MC Lyte- Start It Up Y’all
  • Blvd Mosse- Move To Somethin’ Funky
  • Lakim Shabazz- Hands Of Fate
  • MC Player- Rhyming Rampage
  • Father MC & The 1st Fleet Crew- Father MC Going Ill
  • A.O.K- Shack It Up
  • Divine Styler- Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’
  • E & J- Lyrically Insane
  • Rhamel- Power
  • 24-7 Posse- We Ain’t Playing
  • Tuff Crew- She Rides The Pony (Remix)
  • Unique- Axe Maniac

~ by whosaidjazz on January 26, 2010.

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