360 – Aussie MC that you need to check out

360 was originally part of a group called Forthwrite (alongside Pez) but recently he’s been making solo moves, and his debut solo LP “Falling and Flying” on Soulmate Records will be out later this year. I originally discovered him through battle rapping which he’s clearly very good at but some of his recorded tracks are on another level.

As a teaser, and to tide people over until the album he’s been recording a short series of mixtapes called “Please be seated”. In the process there’s several songs/beats that have been borrowed from a diverse range of genres so keep an ear out for some stuff you might recognise. You can still download volume 1 from HERE and check below for a streaming version from Soundcloud, you can go directly to it HERE.

Volume 2 is also up on Soundcloud (see below) and there will be a download link eventually but I think he’s delaying it slightly so that people can get actual CDs off him at the shows he’s playing currently.

Make sure you check for Facebook Fiend particularly, you’ll probably find you can relate to a lot of the lyrics and lime milkshakes aren’t documented enough in popular culture.

So that’s 360. You can follow him on Twitter HERE, like him on Facebook HERE and make sure you check for the album when it drops, you’ll be glad you did. I’ll leave you with a last bonus video of a track he was on with Pez and it seems it really got their names out there in Australia.


~ by whosaidjazz on September 18, 2010.

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