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I thought I’d drop a little post here to keep things going, particularly to try and live up to the tag Oxford’s premier hip-hop website recently bestowed by previously featured SNSBL DNCHL. Not even close to true but it has given me a little kick up the arse so maybe it was needed.

I know plenty of people who are making good things happen in Oxford based live music so feel like I should tell you about a few.

The man behind Skylarkin Soundsystem has got Jimmy Screech down for a live performance on Friday June 3rd. His album is imminent and if his previous mixtapes are anything to go by it’ll be worth picking up. The night will be topped off by Count Skylarkin himself alongside the return of DJ Indecision to Skylarkin. They’re both friends of mine, good lads and just happen to have great taste in music so get down there. You’re welcome to buy me a pint if you see me as well.



The boys at Wordplay have got a little hip hop based treat for you next week, bringing Phi Life Cypher back to Oxford once again. If you’re a fan you’ll know what they’re all about and if you’re not maybe you need to get to know. Big up Kid Fury and Geenee, still bringing hip hop to Oxford. Someone needs to keep it up and they’re doing it well.





Another night that should get more credit is Bassmentality. They consistently put on good nights and this one is big for those who know (starting to slightly step on the genre/toes of SNSBL DNCHL here but I’m sure they won’t mind). On June 11th they will be bringing the biggest names in Oxford reggae together. Makating will be joined by Dubwiser, a line up that hasn’t been seen for some time as far as I remember.



The other big thing coming up is the precursor to the disappointingly park based Cowley Carnival, the Fiesta in the Park featuring Mr Roots Manuva. I chuck that in as well because Count Skylarkin and the Wordplay boys will all be supplying some of the supporting musical treats. You don’t know who they are? Have you been paying attention? I won’t be playing in the park but will be playing hip hop and reggae immediately after in The Duke, a mere stones throw away. We’ll be going till 1am which gives you a few more hours after being kicked out of the park so come down.


~ by whosaidjazz on May 31, 2011.

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