Reema Major

First things first, if you’re someone who gets a bit sniffy about any hip hop that sounds vaguely commercial then you should probably click on something else right now. I’ve got plenty of other posts you’d be interested in, try one of them. I’m not here to have any arguments about this kind of thing, my first love is hip hop of all kinds and this is some really good new rap which doesn’t come along every day.

This is the first vid I saw of Reema Major, just randomly on a forum somewhere. She hails from Kansas City and seems to currently live in Toronto. The big thing that I might as well say now is that she is 15 years old. This will be the selling point for most people and will probably attract her a fair amount of publicity. Yes, she’s good for a girl, good for a kid. That doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s good full stop.

She’s just released a new mixtape “I Am Legend” which is sounding good to me on first listen. You can check it at Dat Piff HERE or download it from her site HERE.


~ by whosaidjazz on June 7, 2011.

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