Reema Major

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First things first, if you’re someone who gets a bit sniffy about any hip hop that sounds vaguely commercial then you should probably click on something else right now. I’ve got plenty of other posts you’d be interested in, try one of them. I’m not here to have any arguments about this kind of thing, my first love is hip hop of all kinds and this is some really good new rap which doesn’t come along every day.

This is the first vid I saw of Reema Major, just randomly on a forum somewhere. She hails from Kansas City and seems to currently live in Toronto. The big thing that I might as well say now is that she is 15 years old. This will be the selling point for most people and will probably attract her a fair amount of publicity. Yes, she’s good for a girl, good for a kid. That doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s good full stop.

She’s just released a new mixtape “I Am Legend” which is sounding good to me on first listen. You can check it at Dat Piff HERE or download it from her site HERE.


Teardrop – Shlomo & The Vocal Orchestra

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Spine. Shivers. Nuff said.

Phill Most Chill – All Cuts Recorded Raw

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I knew this was in the works but it seems that a little snippet/teaser has just dropped. The guys over at Diggers With Gratitude have consistently put out amazing unreleased material from some of your favourite rappers, regardless of your opinion on the new market for limited releases. Phill Most Chill aka Soulman should be one of your favourite rappers if he’s not already, and it’s also well worth checking what he’s got to say at his blog That Real Schitt.

Pre-orders on DWG start next week but until then check the snippets below:

The Beekeepers feat. Mystro – Queen Bee

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This is another project that features mighty Mysdiggi because you know he deserves any shine he’s been getting recently. It’s out right now on Jalapeno Records, check the Soundcloud player right here for all the remixes. I’m a fan of the original with it’s uptempo breakbeat but there’s a few different takes on it.

The Beekeepers are two mysterious fellows that have probably tickled your eardrums before in their separate incarnations as Boca 45 and Parker. Both well worth checking, particularly some of the mixes that Parker has put together.

Coming Up…

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I thought I’d drop a little post here to keep things going, particularly to try and live up to the tag Oxford’s premier hip-hop website recently bestowed by previously featured SNSBL DNCHL. Not even close to true but it has given me a little kick up the arse so maybe it was needed.

I know plenty of people who are making good things happen in Oxford based live music so feel like I should tell you about a few.

The man behind Skylarkin Soundsystem has got Jimmy Screech down for a live performance on Friday June 3rd. His album is imminent and if his previous mixtapes are anything to go by it’ll be worth picking up. The night will be topped off by Count Skylarkin himself alongside the return of DJ Indecision to Skylarkin. They’re both friends of mine, good lads and just happen to have great taste in music so get down there. You’re welcome to buy me a pint if you see me as well.



The boys at Wordplay have got a little hip hop based treat for you next week, bringing Phi Life Cypher back to Oxford once again. If you’re a fan you’ll know what they’re all about and if you’re not maybe you need to get to know. Big up Kid Fury and Geenee, still bringing hip hop to Oxford. Someone needs to keep it up and they’re doing it well.





Another night that should get more credit is Bassmentality. They consistently put on good nights and this one is big for those who know (starting to slightly step on the genre/toes of SNSBL DNCHL here but I’m sure they won’t mind). On June 11th they will be bringing the biggest names in Oxford reggae together. Makating will be joined by Dubwiser, a line up that hasn’t been seen for some time as far as I remember.



The other big thing coming up is the precursor to the disappointingly park based Cowley Carnival, the Fiesta in the Park featuring Mr Roots Manuva. I chuck that in as well because Count Skylarkin and the Wordplay boys will all be supplying some of the supporting musical treats. You don’t know who they are? Have you been paying attention? I won’t be playing in the park but will be playing hip hop and reggae immediately after in The Duke, a mere stones throw away. We’ll be going till 1am which gives you a few more hours after being kicked out of the park so come down.

Sensible Dancehall – Reggae in Oxford

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There’s a new kid on the blog (like my shit jokes? That one was almost Dad standard) in the shape of SNSBL DNCHL, a blog covering all the reggae related goings on in Oxford and further afield as well. It’s already a staple in my RSS feed and if you have even a passing interest in reggae, dub, hip hop or things bass related I suggest you follow suit.

They are in the process of planning the launch of a regular night at the Port Mahon which will take place on the last Sunday of every month. The first one takes place on 29th May which handily means you can party all night if you want to because Monday is a bank holiday. I’m elsewhere that weekend on Disco Shed duties but will be popping in on a regular basis whenever I’m about at the right time.

You can check the Facebook page HERE and follow them on Twitter HERE. You know it makes sense.

Matt3r – Cease and Sekkle

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I’ll let Matt3r introduce this mix in his own words:

I recorded this based on some of the tracks I had in my crate for August’s Fuse where I played with DJ Kit on the undercard for P-Money &@ Sukh Knight.
File under dopeasfuck/dub/dubstep/grime/uk hiphop/hiphop/breakbeats/bmore ??!?!
Cease and sekkle, turn up the bass, sit back, have a shuffle around, do you what you feel.

I haven’t listened yet but his mixes are always dope and the tracklist looks awesome. You can stream it on Mixcloud HERE or download a high quality version HERE.

01. Dr Alimantado – Unitone Skank
02. Africa Hitech – Too late dub
03. the Bug ft. Killa P & Flowdan – Skeng
04. Aardvark – Blooom 1 : Four
05. Broke n English – This is our life
06. D Double E – Street fighter Riddm
07. Skuff n Inja – Hat low (Bioviolence Remix)
08. Carlos Brigante – I aint ready to check out (interlude)
09. Africa Hitech – Said Speed
10. Africa Hitech – Lash Out
11. Verb T – This is for you (Fish Fingers)
12. Pariah – Detroit Falls
13. Dizz1 – Rirrr
14. Invisibles Inc – Put nothing above
15. Jon Phonics ft Fliptrix, Sonnyjim, Ramsone Badbonez & Verb T – Pump
16. Mudmowth & Metabeats ft Sonnyjim & Skamma – Maad Tight
17. Ron Burgundy – Erection (interlude)
18. Ritchy Pitch ft Manifest – Black Star
19. Salvo ft. Kashmere & Chester P – the Info
20. Snuff the Ablist ft. Koaste & Mercury – Hip hop blues
21. Verb T – Revenge of the Verbs
22. Luke Vibert – Break beat metal music
23. Toddla T ft Serocee – Soundtape Killin
24. Major Lazer – Pon de floor
25. Skream – Midnight request line (Switch Remix)
26. Q Project v Tribe of Issachar – Champion Sound (Jim Sharp Remix)
27. Three 6 Mafia – Stay fly (Dorian Concept Remix)
28. Africa Hitech – How does it feel?

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